an Ondia J. Lifestyle Story




I figured the easiest way for you to get to know me is to spill my guts with random facts and frequently asked questions about me. Here we go!



+ I love my name, Ondia. However, I don't know what it means and neither does my mom, ha!  My mom said she named me after a boutique store she shopped at in Detroit - where I was born. I've done my own research and it means radio or something in Spanish?

+ I’m a new mom! Officially in the mommy club as of September 28th to baby girl Aneesa.

+ I'm just "regular black". I've been mistaken for Ethiopian more than a few times but honestly I don't know the origin of my roots. I'm waiting on my ancestry DNA test to return so I can know exactly where I'm from. A shame I can't tell you, but moving on...

+ Pizza is my favorite food. Never forget a dash of hot sauce. Yum!

+ I am an Army brat. I've been everywhere and claim none.

+ College was the only school that I actually completed where I started because I moved around so much.

+ I am a Kent State University grad with a B.A. In Business Admin and minor in marketing AND Pan African studies. Boom!

+ I'm a Virgo! The analytical, creative kind. You gotta problem, come to me - either I've lived it or thought about it!

+ I have a full time job. by day, I’m a project manager for a Fortune 500 company servicing the intelligence community. Clearly, not what I went to school for, hence the YouTube channel. And by nights and weekends, I create content for my YouTube channel and IG where I talk all things natural hair and millennial women topics.

+ I bought my first house at 24. It was a 5 bedroom 4,359 sqft foreclosure that I got for a steal! I called it my mini mansion. It was waaaay too much house for me but a great learning experience for the buying process and home ownership.

+ No, I'm not a model but I play one on IG.

+ I'm pretty tall, 5'8. Not quiet plus size, but I'm always a biscuit away from crossing that line. Like most women, I struggle with my weight.

+ I have 2 tattoos. I don't regret them, but I wouldn't get anymore.

+ I am a band geek! Music and musicianship have always come easy to me so I have dabbled in a few instruments: piano, flute, tuba. Mainly piano, but I want to learn to play the drums and bass!

+ I love big dogs! I use to have a pit-bull named Kobe and I co-parented a cane corso named Li.


+ I went natural in July 2010 just to see if my natural hair texture looked like Naptural85 . . . not at all.

+ I'm a type 4 low porosity natural. In a 'U' shape gradient starting at the nape my texture is 4c, then 4b in the middle, 4a at the top of the crown and then just frizz in the bang area - not much curl pattern at all.

My holy grail hair Products are:

+ Oils: Vitamin E, jojoba, sunflower seed, oil, argon oil all mixed together in a cocktail. I buy these at Trader Joes or Wholefoods.

+ Butter: Jane Carter Solutions Nourish and Shine, Mango or shea butter

+ Shampoo: Theorie – I buy this line at TJMAXX, Shea Moisture Black Jamaican line or the one for dandruff.

+ Conditioner: Theorie or ORS Replenishing Pack, Giovanni Moisture, and Shea Moisture mask and the oldie but goodie Cholestoral from Queen Helene – it's also cheap and cheerful.

+ Leave-in: Giovanni Direct Leave-in, Aloe vera juice + water or any watery leave-in

+ Curl Cream: Uncle Funky’s Daughter Extra Butter, Wonder Curl Butter Than Love Pudding or Taliah Waajid Curl Cream

+ Gel: Uncle Funky’s Daught Curly Magic for twisted styles and Extreme X for slicked buns or puffs


+ My style is, I dress for my mood but comfort is always key. My wardrobe never really gets brighter than black, grey, white or olive green. I try though!

+ I have a huge shoe collection. Over 80 pairs. My shoe size has never wavered, size 10, but my waist has so I tend to buy more shoes than clothes.

+ I live by the hi-lo standard. All of my outfits are a mixture of cheap and cheerful then a splurge item.

+ I choose quality over quantity. That goes for clothes, home and life. I definitely believe you get what you pay for.

+ I don't like faux materials so will always splurge on a nice leather or suede bag, jacket, shoe or couch.


+ I edit my videos with FCPX. Self taught through other YouTube tutorials and practice.

+ I shoot and record with a Canon 70d with a 50mm 1.4 lens. I’m seriously thinking of making the switch to Sony a7R lll.

+ I'm an amateur photographer. Basically, I mash a bunch of buttons and turn knobs and it comes out ok. The really really nice pictures you see here and on my Instagram are by my photographer Jendayi Asha

+ I've started my YouTube channel twice. After graduation, there was huge snow storm and out of boredom I made 2 videos. A makeup tutorial and a video response for a Grace Jones makeup contest. That was back in the day when people hosted contest on their channels and you could leave video responses in the comments. I didn't win LOL. Ah, the good 'ole days. Soon after, I got a lot of followers and requests to do other makeup tutorials but I abandoned my channel because I was overwhelmed. Imagine where I'd be if I stuck with it! Fast forward 4 years, I started my channel again as self-therapy through a horrible breakup from my ex-fiancé and now it’s a passion hobby to let all my creativity out.

+ I don't get Twitter. Shameful, I know, but I don't get it but you can follow me on there!