an Ondia J. Motherhood Story


Welcome Baby Aneesa_www.OndiaJ.com

She came 9 days after my birthday, 1 day before her predicted birth date and 45 hours of labor later. Yes, you read right, 45 hours of labor and finally Baby Aneesa is here! Born on September 28, 2018 at 2:23pm.

She honestly is the sweetest baby. She’s calm and so patient which her father and I are so grateful for. She allows us to make mistakes like getting her little arms stuck in sleeves without the added stress from wailing cries; but don’t get her twisted, she has her limits. My mom is here with us for the first couple weeks because although I don’t want to admit, she is the baby whisperer and knows best when I’m deliriously tired and frustrated because breastfeeding was challenging the first week.

It’s been an adjustment for sure. No book, video or briefly watching someone else’s child can prepare you for the 24 hour commitment of motherhood. I miss sleep. What I get now are a series of catnaps but it doesn’t matter what time she wakes me up I’m overjoyed to see that little face!

I’m doing well, thanks for asking. I’m recovering from a cesarian delivery which wasn’t my ideal birth plan but after laboring for 45 hours getting her out safely by any means necessary meant cut me and get her. I’ll share my birth story soon before I forget everything because mommy brain is real.

I’m so thankful to be on maternity leave so I can spend this undivided time with Aneesa. My platform isn’t transitioning into a Mommy blog, but humor me while my next few posts will be mom/baby related because I’m obsessed!

Life is generous.