claire Sulmers + The bomb life + fashion bomb daily + blogger tips

Remember we went to the WOE event where I interviewed Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily in my Lou and Grey jumpsuit and she autographed my copy of her memoire The Bomb Life? Well, I read it twice!

First time I read it, I inhaled it so fast because it’s so juicy. Claire has a way of writing that makes you feel like you’re catching up with an old girlfriend and she’s spilling all the tea from the past 10 years. She takes it back to her high school years and explains why and how she stayed on trend and turned heads in the hallways, to wanting to work at Vogue and up leaving for Paris on a whim. She walks you through how she stood up what we now know as Fashion Bomb daily, the bumps and bruises with all that and how she maintains it today. Its. So. Good!

 Second time I read it, I had pen and paper in hand because this memoir isn’t just a good read, it’s a tool. Like I said, she tells you EVERYTHING. It’s not vague like how most people explain their success like, ‘oh I had a hope and dream and my hard work opened up an opportunity and here I am.’ No, she tells you how she made situations work in her favor which inevitably made her pivot and focus or pivot and change. She shared all her lessons learned, the mistakes, ramifications, what to avoid and how to move forward. She gives you sources, techniques and some good old fashion advice.

 In my interview with Claire from blog post A Saturday With Claire, I asked,  ‘How do you know when to pivot?” and she said, " when you're no longer inspired. When things seem a little stagnate, then you pivot." This book covers all those accounts and if you're smart you'll take heed and apply Claires' lessons learned to your own business and see her at the top. 

Although this book is a memoir about one women's journey to becoming one of the top 50 most influential style blogs, it’s a tool for bloggers, content creators and influencers on how to navigate the business, cultivate a following, monetize your content and work with brands.

I'm telling you, get yours now. Real gems are dropped in this book! #notsponsored