Ssshower cap + natural hair + beauty + fashion + turban


Jacquelyn De Jesu from New York created the SHHHOWER CAP which is the solution to every hair style you’ve ruined in the shower. You know the blow out that got puffy from the shower steam or the twist out that shrank to your ears because you got your ends wet. Yea, those bad hair days that could’ve been avoided if your shower cap or target plastic bag like I use, didn’t fail you. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

shhhower cap + shower cap + review


It’s the dopest shower cap ever! It’s the most fashion forward and functional hair protecting cap that every natural needs. This isn’t the cheap saran wrap cap you get from the hair store or hotels. This is luxury baby! A little backstory so you know what I mean. 

shhhower cap + shower cap + review


It's 100% waterproof.

Water literally beads up and runs off like nobody’s business! There’s a rubber grip on the inside that seals the cap making it super waterproof and protects your beloved edges.



It'll fit your head.

You’re probably like, ‘but Ondia, I have a big head AND my hair is in crochet.’ Well, fear not my naturalista, this cap was designed to fit even the largest of heads and thickest hair and or weaves. Trust me, if mine can fit, yours can too!

Ssshower cap + natural hair + beauty + fashion + turban


Made from the best quality materials.

This isn’t some shoddy craftsmanship or cheap material, you can really tell this is quality and will last a long time. In the making of my video I put this cap through some things and it held up, maintained its shape and integrity. It better! Coming in at $43 this is a splurge, but well worth the investment. The packaging alone is everything! I don’t know about you, but that attention to detail is very important to me and often sways me to making purchases. You can tell no attention to detail was overlooked, not even the box it came in, which is fabulous by the way. Listen, these things matter when you spend your hard earned coins. 

shhhower cap + shower cap + review


It's chic!

These SHHHOWER CAPS come in 8 different colors and patterns so you can get it to match your bathroom décor or personal style. A win win in my book.


I LOVE that this is not just a shower cap but a hair accessory and fashion statement. I’ve been known to step out the house for an errand or three while deep conditioning my hair under a turban. Just saying, imagine the possibilities! You could throw a wig over your conditioning hair or braids and put this SHHHOWER CAP on and Boom! Insta story ready and no one would know!

shhhower cap + shower cap + review

Still not convinced? Imagine this:

You and Bae are in Miami for the weekend. You throw the SHHHOWER CAP in your suitcase because it’s your shower cap after all, but it also serves as a really cute turban accessory AND protects your hair from the unexpected rain, which will happen, or at the pool when bae thinks he’s funny and splashes you. Jokes on him, your hair is still dry and you look fly! Ok, last one. Keep a cap in the car or in your work bag for those rainy and humid days. throw it on in a pinch and take it off when the coast is clear – if those aren’t reason enough to invest in the cap, then I don’t know what is. 

Get yours here!

shhhower cap + shower cap + review
shhhower cap + shower cap + review
Ssshower cap + natural hair + beauty + fashion + turban
Ssshower cap + natural hair + beauty + fashion + turban


I’m wearing: SHHHOWER CAP in The Posey| HAIR: flat twist out w/ Taliah Waajid Curl Cream