an Ondia J. Motherhood Story


 I'm officially in the 3rd trimester - Hallelu! but I wanted to take it back and fill you in on the last 7 months because I've been ghost. I've been apart of so many cool projects and mini vacations that I haven't shared because I'm really enjoying doing the work and being in the moment, but I wanted to fill you in on how the first 2 trimesters went down because it flew by.


 To sum up my first trimester in one word would be ITCHY. Seriously, just throw my entire body away! What started out as a little itchy patch of dry skin here and there turned into a full bodied rash that every over the counter lotion and soap didn't help so I went to the dermatologist and was diagnosed with severe eczema. I don't even have regular eczema! Chalk it up to my raging hormones that caused this common skin disease to manifest itself as huge itchy patches on my feet, chest and nipples of all places! Imagine being in a meeting and your nips and arches of your feet are itchy AF! It was so disrespectful! There were days I just had to close the door to my office and gather myself. It wasn't cute but it cleared up as fast as it came once I hit 14 weeks. Aside from that, I didn't have any of the expected symptoms newly pregnant women have like nausea, food aversions or cravings. Truly blessed because my commute to work is 2 hours both ways and I don't know how I could deal with traffic and want to throw up. Now tiredness was a real factor. Around 2 o'clock everyday my body would start to shut down and by time I made it home around 6p I was crawling into the house and going straight to bed. I had to start taking naps in my office before heading home because I would drift off to sleep at the wheel! Safety first kids. 

Thankfully in my first trimester I didn't gain any weight. Yes, won't he do it! I started this pregnancy a lot heavier than I wanted anyway, 200lbs exactly. This is the heaviest I've been in my adult life so according to the charts I should gain no more than 15 pounds this entire pregnancy. I've been conscious about what i'm eating, not dieting or restricting, but making better choices like zucchini noodles over pasta, a burger without the bun and cooking at home. As much as I wanted to start a little work out routine, the energy just wasn't there. I think I may have worked out a good 4 times my entire first 13 weeks. No site of a baby bump yet, not even much bloat which lead me to believe I wasn't even pregnant some days.




The second trimester was pretty much smooth sailing. Come the 14th week the eczema cleared up over night, the sleepiness was gone and I felt like my old self. I started a quick workout routine in the morning before work. I like these 30 minute prenatal workouts on YouTube. My hair flourished and is super thick because it barely sheds anymore plus I noticed that the texture changed a bit. My curls are looser and the overall look and feel is more smooth so I've been dabbling with wash and go's and different products. The only thing to give me grief this trimester are my boobs! They're so tender and HUGE! I started at a D cup and now I'm a DDD to E depending on the brand. I'm sure they'll pop once my milk comes in. They hurt so much I can't even enjoy my new girls because everything hurts them. sunshine, water, a light breeze, a quick glance - it's just too much! Because my nips are the size of plates, yes 10 inch dinner plates, they're extremely tender and stay ashy from being over stretched. Lanisoh lanolin cream is the only thing that gives me relief. This is not an ad but I swear by this stuff, so get to know it if you're expecting or breast feeding. 

Because I've felt like my old self, the mister and I have done some traveling. We went to Mexico so he could experience the Nizuc Resort and Spa which was amazing, we slid through Texas for BBQ and a rodeo and I visited my grandparents in Kentucky. In the midst of all that I worked 6 brand campaigns, roll out coming soon, and worked with Karleen Roy of the Vanity Group which you can catch up on that experience here. I'm planning my own baby shower which has been a labor of love and extremely expensive but you only have 1 first baby shower and I'm going all out! Read about the shower here!

Still no wild cravings and I have the occasional baby bump after I eat and drink. I find myself comparing my bump to other moms-to-be and wonder why my stomach doesn't look like theirs, but I have to remember that everyone is different and this is my first baby so my body hasn't been through the trauma of being stretched to capacity. This also gives me hope that snap back will be an actual thing and crop tops might be in play next summer. Even though it doesn't look like I'm carrying much I feel movement all the time. This baby is incredibly active and it feels like it's doing entire gymnastic floor routines in my uterus. So far I have gained 4lbs and I'm still wearing my regular clothes and I bought 1 maternity dress from Target. Don't look for any style posts from me because I think maternity clothes are ugly and homely but when I do graduate to them regular plus size fashion from places like Eloquii and Target maternity will be my go to. 

That catches us up to now. I'm officially on maternity leave when it comes to branded and sponsored Ondia J. videos but I will start vlogging on my IGTV channel. I'm putting the last touches on my baby shower which is in 2 weeks and I'm counting down until I go on real maternity leave from work. So much to do in so little time and now that the registry gifts are starting to roll in this baby is really real.