an Ondia J.  Motherhood Story


I’ve been a mom for a full month so I’m basically a pro now, ha! I’ve had enough time to religiously use, toss to the side or buy immediately things I need for me, baby and home. I know as a first-time mom I overwhelmed myself by watching and reading a lot of other mom’s must-have lists and then worse I went to Buy Buy Baby. Breathe and pat yourself on the back for finding this post because here’s a practical list of things you actually need to get through the first month(s) of motherhood. You’re welcome and congratulations!


Post Pregnancy Panties

Essential for feeling remotely human after birth. This was first thing I bought when I came home from the hospital after my c-section to keep comfortable pressure on the incision and help hold and shape my waistline.

Lansinoh Nursing Pad

These pads are an absolute necessity if you’re breastfeeding. I learned quickly why you need these when my milk came in and I soaked up my sheets.

Cotton Candy Nursing Bras
Love this seamless and wireless stretchy nursing bra. I’m pretty much feeding all day around the clock so the nursing bra I’m in has to be super comfortable. It has quick release clasps making it super easy to go about feeding during the day and in the middle of the night.

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Cream

Skincare for your nips! Totally necessary when breastfeeding as your nipples will get sore, chapped, and dry.

Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump 

This pump is a life saver for me when I just need to relieve engorgement on one side and don’t want to hook myself up to the pump and all that jazz. This thing is pretty cool because there’s no parts and it uses suction to collect the milk.

Medela Freestyle Pump

You get one pump with your insurance, pick wisely. Since I’m going back to work and plan to breastfeed for at least 6 months, I need a light, compact pump that I can throw in my bag and discreetly pump in my office. Love this powerful little pump! I also have a spectra S1 and prefer my Medela freestyle because of the convenience. I can clip the pump to my clothes and move around and do things like knock out a load of laundry or finally eat.

Hands Free Pumping Bra

Don’t forget this if you plan to pump hands free!

Joy Lab Activewear - Cozy Layering Sweatshirt

Stock up on a bunch of comfy lounge wear anyway, but get this sweatshirt in every color for the fall and winter season because of the really high vented sides which make for quick access if you’re breast feeding. Love that this can be dressed up with a pair of jeans or you can actually work out in it. Go figure.


Pampers Diapers
You can never have enough diapers! I wore Pampers, my baby brother wore them so now my baby wears them - a family legacy favorite!

Pro Tip: Don’t buy a lot of new born sized diapers or clothes for that matter because they don’t stay small for long. My baby was out of NB diapers by the 4th week. For reference we used about 2.5 boxes of the 150 count.

Copper Pearl Swaddle blankets

If you want sleep, learn to swaddle - period. These are the perfect swaddle blankets even if you don’t have the technique down because they’re super stretchy and keep baby cozy. Love this brand for their fun colors, prints and quality. We mom’s do a lot of laundry and this blanket and other pieces like the Premium Burp Cloths still look like new after them umpteenth wash.

Pro Tip: This quick 2 minute video taught me to swaddle my baby and it works like a charm!

Logan + Lenora Change Pad

From day one diaper changes are constant so having this thin waterproof changing pad is clutch when I just want to change my baby on the couch or bed, not mention the designs are so chic and can be thrown in the wash!

Pro tip: Do yourself a favor and get a little basket or decorative box to create a mini diaper changing stations everywhere in your home where you and baby will be. Aside from the nursery, the living room and my bedroom has a basket with everything I need for feeding and changes. My mini stations are stocked with a change pad, diapers, wipes, vaseline, burp cloth, lanolin, and breast pads.

A Standard Pillow

Yes, like the pillow off your bead - Hear me out. I have the Boppy lounger and the Boppy nursing pillow and I find both of them overrated or cumbersome. The lounger is ok but I see my little girl out growing it soon as she was kinda long, 21 inches at birth, to begin with. The nursing pillow is for petite women who can actually slip the pillow around their waist. That ain’t me so grabbing a regular pillow off my bed and laying it on my lap to prop baby girl up to boob height worked just as efficiently and even better because I had more control. I do see this pillow getting more use in the future with tummy time and learning how to sit.

NailFrida The S-Curved Nail File

My baby came out the womb with a full set of razor sharp nails. I don’t trust myself with anything sharp around those tiny little fingers but I can safely smooth away those sharp edges with a nail file.

Pro tip: File baby nails while they sleep. Also, skip baby hand mittens because they’re stupid, they’re difficult to put on and easy to come off. Use baby socks if you just have to put something on your babies hands but if you keep up with filing you don’t need any of these options.

OxiClean Stain Remover

Keep those adorable tiny clothes pristine because breast milk and that seedy poop stain everything! Betcha no one mentioned that on their must-have lists!

Pro tip: Keep a small container by the washer and dryer where you can treat and soak clothes pre-wash. Oh, and always rinse stains in cold water!


VAVA Night Light

Night time feedings are a killer but turning on the lights is worse. Trust me when I say buy a couple of these and strategically put these in the rooms where you and baby will be during nighttime changes and feedings. Your eyeballs and partner will thank you later.

Purell Hand Sanitizer

Self explanatory. It’s for you and the guest, stash it everywhere.

Infant Optics Baby Monitor

Like a creep, I miss my baby when she sleeps so I need to see what she’s doing every second of every day. Insert my eyes and ears with this night vision baby monitor. The best peace of mind when we’re not in the same room - she naps and sleeps in her crib in her own room. This thing is awesome! The camera moves, I can talk to her from the monitor, it measures the room temperature and has night vision.

Chefman Electric Kettle

My mom showed me the “old school” way of boiling water on the stove to sanitize bottles and pump parts - it took her 20 minutes. I turned on my electric kettle and sanitized those same things in 6 minutes... Enough said.

Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack
Another one of those products that I use religiously. This sits on our kitchen countertop next to the sink and all the baby’s bottles and my breast pump parts get dried on here.

Container Store Stackable Drawer

I use this in tandem with the countertop grass to house all the sterilized things just to keep them dust and splatter free. Keep my countertops looking less cluttered too.

UBBI Diaper Pale

They say newborns dirty diapers don’t stink… they lied. Love the UBBI trashcan because it’s chic and functional but the biggest selling point for me is that you don’t need special garbage bags. #winning!

Digital Indoor Thermometer

In case you’re slightly on the obsessive side, you can get this thermometer to always know the temperature in babies room. Should be between 69-73 degrees

Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Putting moisture back in the air is important to keeping baby healthy and comfortable during the fall and winter months when you start kicking the heat on in the house.

The Mister and I are so happy to have baby Aneesa home and all of these products have made the transition of having a newborn around so much easier. I’m pretty confident that that my must-have list is way different than most and I pray that you find it to be helpful. If you’re not pregnant, please send this to someone who is!

If you have any products that you highly recommend, I’d love to hear them. Drop a comment down below and have a great day!