Ever since I got the Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Collection in my gift bag from Textures on the Runway during NYFW (the heaviest gift bag I ever toted from an event full size everything!), I broke up with my long time staple curl creams. Goodbye Taliah Waajid Curl Cream and Hello Mielle Organics. I’ve legit used TW curl cream since I big chopped in 2011. I loved it because it was thick and creamy and could clump even the kitchen but if I used too much or layered the wrong product I would get flakes. A no go for your girl but I continued to use it because I haven’t found anything better until now!

Monique outdid herself when she created this line specifically for tighter curl patterns. She nailed the fact that our curls need all the moisture plus the weight to clump our curls and keep definition. The Pomegranate & Honey line is a 4 piece collection complete with a leave-in, curl smoothie, twisting soufflé and curling custard. Here’s my breakdown of each.


A mid weight moisturizer that will start bringing out the curls. Use this and seal with a light oil or butter for a fluffy twist out. If you’re into LOC or LCO method, this is the L (liquid).


The. Thickness. Think whipped butter. Thick and plush to the touch. Once you work it in your curls are perfectly clumped and ready for either a light oil to seal or the curling custard gel to really lock in the definition. This is the C (cream).


The consistency is in-between the leave-in and the soufflé. I think it’s perfect for those naturals who don’t want or need as much weight on their curls but use curl creams as stylers. I’d also suggest for those who love the souffle, use the smoothie midweek when refreshing your twists because it isn’t so heavy to reduce product buildup. This is the C (cream).


It’s like the perfect batch of flaxseed gel you wish you could make! Lots of slip which is clutch for a wash and go but gives a nice hold that doesn’t crunch. Layer this on top of the leave-in and one of the curl creams and your curls will POP for days!

Although there isn’t an oil in this line there is enough in the ingredients like babassu, coconut (it’s in the middle of the list if you’re protein sensitive), sweet almond, fruit oil and glycerin. I didn’t seal my ends with oil on the first day I styled with this line but I did when I refreshed mid week. Also note there are lots of humectants in this line so it’s perfect for the cold months ahead.

I recommend the entire line but if you need to be selective I would definitely get the leave-in, either the smoothie or souffle depending on the level of curl poppage and weight you want for your hair and finally the custard.

They’re sold out pretty much everywhere but Sally’s has some in stock. Run!


 This post was sponsored by Mielle Organics. All thoughts and Opinions are my own.