How to: Halo Flat Twist

natural hairstyle + halo braid

I got a lot of compliments and questions about this look on Instagram when I wore this quick and simple halo braid to The Office Party, DC event I hosted. Never mind that I was a sweaty mess. No matter how prepared I am I get super hot when all eyes are on me. Anywho, I've challenged myself to wear low manipulation and protective styles so I can retain length and promote growth until my hair reaches my feet so I've been wearing this a lot this winter!  Here's how you can get the same look.

This style works best on freshly stretched hair because you need to be able to section, grab and separate pieces without getting snagged by curls and knots. I gently blow dry my hair with my favorite Denman brush on medium heat at the root and cool air at the ends. Don't forget heat protector. I use Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Heat Protector.

Fan and smooth your hair out from the center of your head which will be the foundation of the style. Use a butter to tame flyaways and smooth lumps. I like to use Jane Carter nourish and shine butter because you don't want to use a product that will revert the hair and this butter will help seal in the moisture. Now is a good time to trim your ends too.

Here's when it gets tricky. Make a part in the back and begin to flat twist. Remember, You want the twist to sit on top of the hair so your hands need to be positioned so you can pinch and grab hair continuously around the perimeter of your head. Depending on what side I'm on I have to reposition my hands to twist. It takes practice and a lot of thought so take your time. I like to do it tight because If I need to clip it and adjust, smooth or give my arms a rest I can do so without the twist falling apart.

I have a tight grip and I grab small sections therefore my twist around is fairly compact. The more hair you grab the fewer amount of lumps you'll create. When you get to the front don't forget to leave out a little tendril on either side of your temple.

Once you've made it all the way around, tuck the tail into the start of the twist and secure with a bobbi pin.

How To: Halo Flat Twist :

Now starting at the beginning of the twist, gently pull and separate each lump.

How To: Halo Twist |

Finding your rhythm does take practice and unless you're just a beast, one side will look better than the other but practice makes perfect! If you find this style too challenging, do a middle or side part so you can focus on one side at a time or just roll and pin your hair.

natural hairstyle + halo braid