Today I had the pleasure of hosting my own segment on Good Morning Washington where I talked about natural hair, protective styles and the maintenance of your hair underneath. If you missed it and want to see it click here, or want the cliff notes to what I talked about, keep reading!



Protective styles are great for natural hair as they promote growth and retain length by low manipulation styling or complete protection with crochet, weave and wings. Low manipulation styling omits the use of heating tools and minimizes combing and handling. Examples of this are wearing your in a bun or keeping you twists in for a days at a time. Protective styling can be a more committed style like installing crochet, extensions or weave, or can be as simple as throwing on a wig. Either style you choose is a fun expression of your mood or special for any occasion meanwhile your hair is thriving underneath.

I mentioned Latched and Hooked Crochet hair and I'm currently wearing ONYC Hair Kinky Curly 4A-3B weave. Use coupon code: ondia10 for 10% off your order!



The biggest mistake that a natural can make while having her hair in a protective style is not keep up with the daily moisturizing and normal wash days. It is imperative that those two steps aren't neglected as it can result in dry brittle hair that breaks or is damaged. There are tons of products and recipes out there that you can try to help maintain your hair but there is only one brand that was made specifically for natural hair in protective styles and that is Girl + Hair Under Hair Care.

Dermatologist created but curly girl approved, this line is the ultimate product where science meets utility. Girl+Hair is the complete package when it comes to clarifying, gently cleansing, conditioning, restoring, sealing and oiling your hair and scalp. I'm a sucker for packaging and that's what initially gravitated me towards this product because the applicator tip is clutch for reaching my scalp in-between braids and through mesh or tracks. The fragrance is amazing, better than anything that you can whip up in the kitchen and the viscosity of the liquids are the perfect consistency to be affective, absorbent and not cause buildup over time. The entire line is parabin and cone free and all of the ingredients promote growth and a healthy scalp. I know from experience my hair feels extremely soft and moisturized when it's time for the take down of my braids and that really helps me with the detangling process.

I quickly mentioned on the segment each of the Girl+Hair products, but here's a more in depth review of each product.

Clarifying ACV Rinse:  This apple cider vinegar clarifying rinse is perfect for who are heavy handed with edge control or tend to be really flaky and need a product to breakup all that build up without stripping the hair of it's moisture. It's pH balanced which is awesome for the sealing and strengthening of curly hair.

Sulfate Free Shampoo: A gentle alternative to the ACV rinse. It has tee tree in it which will keep flakes at bay.

Leave-In Conditioner: No wash day is complete without this step but since our hair is braided only a leave-in conditioner will do. With shea butter as the stand out ingredient to this product it leaves your hair moisturizes and ubber soft which you'll experience and love once you take your hair down again.

Restoring Hair Balm: The baby bottle of oil that I carry everywhere with me.

Hydrating Hair Milk: This is my go to daily moisturizer. This milky water based hydrator is clutch for keeping your hair moisturized and strong throughout the life of your protective style. It even has biotin in it!

If you want to see these products in action on crochet hair, check out this video.