Jane Carter Solutions gets us! And by us, I mean the kinky coily 4c and beyond hair textures when she designed this new line. 

It's a complete 6 piece wash to style line including a co-wash, leave-in, curl cream, gel, hair milk, and misting oil. 

I like that there is a hair type guide on the label. I know that statement can stir up some grumbling in the natural hair community, however, it can be a helpful tool to guide newly naturals to a product designed for specifically for them. 

I thought this line was just ok. The co-wash and leave-in are my favorite. Creamy, moisturizing and gives lots of slippage which makes detangling a breeze. I will note they're extremely similar to the Healthy Hair line release fall 2016 which I really like and have re-purchased several pieces of the line. The curl cream and the gel are a miss for me because they keep flaking on me.  I've tried a couple times to make it work, under and over the oil and to no avail, flakes! I can't. The curl cream is really thick so it has to be applied to sopping wet hair to be evenly distributed. The gel I would consider to be a light hold and is the consistency of a flax seed gel. In my experience this gel alone will not hold down thick and coarse hair for sleek bun or up-do styles.  The hair milk is always a product I tend to skip on any brands line. I appreciate that its purpose is to wake-up and reactivate product already in the hair, but I get the same results by letting the steam from a hot shower do the work. Finally, the misting oil. Multi purpose, can be added to the co-wash or a deep conditioner, used during the LCO (liquid, cream, oil) or LOC (liquid, oil, cream) method. a nice addition to the line because shiny hair always looks healthy.

If you're looking for a shopping list, go for the co-wash and leave-in.


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