an Ondia J. Natural Hair Story



Now that I'm officially in my second trimester, my hair is flourishing - but it's different. Keeping the moisture is still tricky because it's thicker than ever but I can tell my hair is reacting differently with my staple products so it's time to switch it up. I've heard nothing but great things about the Curls Cashmere + Caviar Collection so I gave it a try for a few weeks and I love it!



It's a 5 piece wash to style collection complete with shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in, gel and oil. The starter pack for the perfect wash day infused with only the best ingredients. Certified organic cashmere, caviar and champagne fruit extract that adds vitamins A and D plus Omega 3, 6 and 9 - just all the luxuriousness on my scalp. Get into it! 


The Caviar hair bath is so interesting because it's black from the active charcoal! Although it's a gentle cleanser, I think the charcoal plays a big part in removing product build up and getting the scalp clean. I could immediately feel my hair getting soft and love that it had enough slip to do a little finger detangling. 


The star of the show, the Cashmere and Caviar Hair Masque Deep Conditioner. This is where the cashmere and caviar comes into play. What in the black girl magic is this stuff?! I don't know but it smells amazing and made my hair feel like butter! I like to sit with it under a hooded dryer for about 15 minutes and no lie all my knots melt away and my curls are clumped and plump with moisture. Add this to your shopping list as a must buy if you only can try 1 piece from this collection.


Curls Cashmere + Caviar -


You know I love a creamy leave-in and this one doesn't disappoint. I do my best not to disturb my coils by just scrunching in the product and then following up the gelle. I have to note that this is not a strong hold gel so its imperative for us type 4 curlies to maintain all the clumped curls when styling. Either the scrunch or prayer hand method worked for me. As a pro tip if you plan to style a wash and go, lay your style foundation at the deep conditioning stage by thoroughly detangling, making your part and concentrate on clumping the curls with the thick deep conditioner before rinsing because the gel is really really light. I prefer I heavier hold so I can maintain curl definition long term but this styler will give you a really nice and fluffy style that you can transition into something different without product build up. Don't forget to lay your edges with the Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste!


Last and finally the Hair Serum Oil which was another surprise because it's on the creamy side and I love that. It's the perfect product to add brilliant shine to the hair and hit any problem areas on your scalp. A little goes a long way and it smells amazing like the rest of the line. 


10 of out 10 I do recommend Curl Cashmere + Caviar Collection if you're looking to switch up your products or in need of a luxurious hair line that will infuse your hair with only the best and will leave your hair soft and shinny for days. You can pick this collection up at Target which is perfect because I swear i'm there at least once a week. Let me know down below if you're going to try Curls Cashmere + Caviar collection!

This post is sponsored by Curls. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support!