If you ever wanted to see what God made, visit Joshua Tree National Park. Part Colorado and mojave Desert, it stretches over Cali, Las Vegas and Phoenix. It was the perfect day trip while on my California vacation. The 2 hour drive from Las Angeles was beautiful and totally worth it. Because I’m always surrounded by buildings and traffic, I take nature for granted and it sparks your curiosity about the wonders of the world.

Upon entrance into the park you quickly loose phone service and that’s when you realize how quiet your surrounding are and you just cruise the 2 lane road with boulders, cacti and Joshua trees on either side. My boyfriend and I rented a red drop top Camaro which let the fresh breeze tousle my hair and the sun kiss my shoulders while I wore this black floral boho maxi. We got out several times to marvel a little closer and before I knew it, I was barefoot and braless. #Liberating

I’m wearing: TURBAN Hair Store | DRESS Lulu’s | HAIR ONYC Fro Out


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