I decided that in 2018 I was putting travel on the top of my list. Domestic, foreign whever!  I recently visited 3 cities in one month and it sparked a lot of questions like, ‘How do you pay for that?’ It’s simple, planning and saving.

These tips that I’ll share don’t just apply to vacations, but for big purchase items like a house down payment, furniture, camera’s, shoes, weave bundles in some cases, rainy days…You get what I’m saying. Ok, ready, set, plan!


1. Set Up An Automatic Vacation Fund

Put aside at least $50 a paycheck in a separate savings account designated just for vacation or other goals. Look into what savings programs your bank offers and get saving. Start small and then add a little more when your income increases.

Side note:

Remember to always, always, always pay yourself first. Meaning, you have a savings account that you don’t touch or break in case of emergency and then there’s this account for fun. Put aside at least double the amount in your savings as you do for the fun account. Direct deposit is my best friend and needs to be yours so that these funds go directly into their designated accounts. The less you see, the less you spend. I admit, I can have a 2 Chainz mentality when it comes to money, ‘it’s mine, I spend it’ or even Dae Dae gets me with, ‘Spend that check and get it right back”. But these lyrics are exactly why black folks don’t understand the concept of wealth or money. Money should be viewed as more precious rather than disposable. Bottom line: direct deposit and pay yourself first.  I digress…

2. Research your trip

Researching ahead of time allows you to A. price out everything from food, activities and hotel which also assists with creating a savings / spending budget before and during your trip. B. tickets to attractions are almost always cheaper online than in person. Catch the sales to save the coins.

3. Learn to Say No If You Don’t Have the Cash

You need to take on in the words of my grandfather a, “no mon – no fun” attitude to keep yourself out of debt. Unless you have credit card that you can pay the balance off in full by the end of next month, pass. Cash is King. It’s so easy to get into the cycle of credit card debt, but I promise you breathe more easily when you’re debt free. Your Instagram followers will live even if you don’t make the girls trip to Dubai. True story, I passed up a girl’s trip to Dubai because I was saving for a house. Totally worth it at the end of the day. Make your financial goals priority, I’m sure your friends will understand.

Alright i'm done. Let me know down below what other money saving tips you have or use!