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A Full Circle Story - OndiaJ.com

I’m in a season of change. I got a lot goin on. I'm making this moment to talk about everything because this blog is as much of a resource for you as it is a running journal for me.

Currently, I’m 6 and a half months pregnant and just look bloated - not quiet a baby bump yet. My house is undergoing renovation, I’m planning my own baby shower that is less than a month away and I’m backed up on getting content out, but let’s talk about full circle moments for now.

Last week I had the pleasure to work with Karleen Roy of The Vanity Group. You’re probably like, who’s that?  Karleen was Sean “Diddy” Combs’ executive assistant for 6 years and then founded The Vanity Group, a boutique luxury lifestyle company that specializes in event production, luxury concierge service and talent relations. So when you see Offsets and Cardi B's Bronx Fairy-Tale Baby Shower, think Karleen and the Vanity Group. Ok, so I met Karleen at the Myleik My Taught You Retreat in Cancun in January. After meeting all the other 99 hand selected ladies in attendance, I was feeling the imposter syndrome creep in because they were all so accomplished. Doctors, lawyers, millionaire entrepreneurs and here I was the content creator from Maryland with barely 2k Instagram followers. I decided right then and there that I would do what I do and create. At the end of every night, I would curate the shit out of all the clips I gathered throughout the day and post them on my IG stories. My stories got the attention of Myleik and Karleen because they were that good and we had conversations on and off line throughout the event. Before leaving Mexico I had a quick meeting with Karleen and we left it at ‘we’ll work together one day’.

Since the beginning of the year local businesses have reached out to me to create promotional behind the scene videos for their social platforms and these opportunities were new scary challenges for me. Although I pride myself on great video content, my skills go as far as my house. My equipment is limited and I’m self-taught with lots to learn so doubt loomed every time I said yes. Doing these behind the scene videos were great learning experiences for me because I was outside the comfort zone of my home studio, I worked with a lot of subjects, not just myself and there is no do over or re-shoot if I missed a shot.


 With 2 successful campaigns under my belt now, I got the email from Karleen. She said that she would be in DC for 2 days for an event and wanted to know if I was available. I didn’t even know who, what, when or where but I called out of work with the quickness. In my mind I thought I would be curating her stories like I did in Mexico so that she could share with her thousands of followers. Wrong! She wanted me to do a behind the scene video of her in her element working this event. H-hello?


 God had been sending me these little underhanded tosses since January to get me ready for the real pitch and I’m so grateful that I say yes and work it out later because I needed every experience to guide me through this opportunity. In all, it was awesome! She planned Carol's Daughter 25th Anniversary at the Smithsonian African American Heritage and Culture Museum where Carol’s Daughter is a part of the natural hair exhibit. For 2 days the museum was my office, I was a part of The Vanity Group team, I worked closely with the Smithsonian and L'Oreal executives and Lisa Price, the founder of Carols Daughter. I felt like Mona Scott-Young and was literally a fly on the wall capturing very intimate video like a reality show. Who does that?!

I trust later this story will fit into an even bigger picture but for now I’m so overwhelmed with grace and favor I had to share. I don’t know what my Ondia J. brand is evolving into - is it media production or am I still a micro-influencer, do I even influence? I don’t know. I’m trying my best to share this story as I go and I’m failing at posting receipts or engaging at all on social, but know that I’m grinding it out daily and this new chapter is taking a lot of effort to get into place but stay tuned!

Oh, and when I returned to work I told my colleagues that I was feeling much better. Ha!

Check out Episode 1 of The Vanity Group, V Tv produced and edited by me!